China eggs incubators and hatchers information

How to choose the % of incubator and % of hatcher 

For example: GEO-A, 33792 eggs is in 6 eggs trolleys design.

1) To get one chicks production per month

    50% incubator + 50% hatcher = 3 trolleys for incubating + 3 trolleys for hatching

    On 1st day please make a full loading of the breeding eggs in total 3 incubating trolleys in one time.

    18days after please moving all the egg plates from the 3 incubating trolleys to the 3 hatching trolleys, you will have 16500 chicks in the 21st day.

2) To get chicks twice a month

    66% incubator + 34% hatcher = 4 trolleys for incubating + 2 trolleys for hatching

     On 1st day please load the 2 incubating trolleys with breeding eggs and 3 days after load the other 2 incubating trolleys.

     On 18th day please moving the 1st loading 2 trolleys of eggs into the 2 hatching trolleys and get 11264 chicks in 3days after.

     On 21st day please moving the 2nd loading 2 trolleys of eggs into the 2 hatching trolleys and get another 11264 chicks in 3 days after.

    You will get 22528 chicks in 24days with 2 harvesting time

3) To get chicks per week.

    80% incubator + 20% hatcher, let's say 5 trolleys for incubating + 1 trolley for hatching

    Each 3 days you make a loading of one incubating trolley, total 5 times with each 5632 eggs.

    On 21st day you will get the first 5632 chicks and on 24th get the 2nd 5632 chicks....then on 27th, 30th and the 2nd day of next month you will get chicks.

    Totally you will get 28160 chicks in "one month + 3 days". Or we can say monthly production of chicks is 5632 eggs * 4 times = 22528 chicks

 Egg candling test

Normally the Egg candling test will be executed in twice:

The 1st time will be the 5th day of incubating

- When you see the egg is with bloodshot inside, that means that is a good egg.

- When you could see nothing with bloodshot, you could pick it for sale, that means the egg is not available for producing a chick.

The 2nd time will be the 14th days of incubating

- If the egg is with Red bloodshot inside, that means that is a heathy egg.

- If the egg is with Black bloodshot inside, you could take it to garbage.

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