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One 40'HQ FCL loaded 3 x 19712 eggs hatchers


All models could be made in below 3 different types of machine with a same price, customer needs to consider the exact purpose and to confirm the exact type of machine before ordering.
- Full incubator set
- Full hatcher set
- Full incubator + hatcher set

Hatcher is a compartment of an incubator in which hatching eggs remained for the final few days of the incubation period and where the chicks finally emerge from the shells. In short, hatcher is only a part of the incubator, even if it can be a separate machine. 

Egg hold capacity includes the total egg amount of "incubator and hatcher".

Egg hold capacity is calculated on chicken eggs basis. Compared with chicken egg capacity, the quantity of duck egg is 80%, goose egg is 40% while small eggs is 115%.

All models, whatever equipped with egg trolleys or egg shelves, they are designed to match all kinds of egg plates.

Our “Full incubator + hatcher set” are usually designed with incubator area in 2/3 while hatcher area in 1/3, or 3/4 for incubator while 1/4 for hatcher. Of course, customized design is acceptable for any partitioned space allocation without price change.

Over 8448 eggs incubator models, they are equipped with egg trolleys which could be moved in and out of the machine tank body. On each egg trolley there are removable plastic egg plates with egg turning function and plastic hatching baskets (for egg hatching, no need egg turning function).

For incubator models which in loading capacity less than 8448 eggs, they are equipped with front and back seesaw type of steel egg shelves which are fixed inside the machine tank body for containing the plastic egg plates. By a switch control, the steel egg shelves could be set in horizontal position to ease the egg putting stability, or set as "egg turning position" with a 45 degree angle automatically seesawing to allow the eggs absorbing average heat during the time of setting. Remind: No need egg turning during the time of hatching. 

All models of incubator are available in customized design for duck, turkey, goose, quail ... eggs

About the eggs incubators humidifier water tray

Eggs incubator Humidifier water tray

The white ball  is a Spherical buoy which could switch on or off the water inlet by floating up or down when the water level getting change.

The U shaped iron bar is a simple heater of the water tray which is used to increase the machine humidity by water heating and steam forming.

The black hole is a water inlet which could be connected with the outside independent coal heater by a water pipe in case the Electricity power off. 

There is no water pipe circulation system inside the machine. Actually the machine inside temperature could be remained or to get up by hotair coming from humidifier water tray. As we know, hot air goes up and cold air goes down, in this way, the air circulation brings the heat to each part of the machine. 

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