50C to -150C adjustable temperature cold rooms

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12M3 -50C to -150C adjustable temperature cold room special offer

-5C to -15C adjustable temperature cold room

Cold room quotation & main feature

Product Name
Cold room


Main Usage
Meat, Beef storage.


Cold room Size mm


Loading weight
About 650KG


Temperature range
-15 to -5 degree C


Shipping CBM
About 6CBM


Refrigerant Max.

Price USD EXW Guangzhou (2013) 

Lowest Temperature
-20 degree C


1. The offer is on EXW Guangzhou basis. Offers validity: 30days.


2. Packing:  - Compressor unit and Air cooler in wooden case.

- Accessories in carton boxes

- Cold room panels in PVC film protection


3. Lead time: 25days upon receipt of down payment.


4. Shipment: By container. Mix loading with other cargo acceptable. 


5. Payment: 50% by T/T down payment, balance against B/L copy.


6. Installation: We provide installation guidance for customer a self installation in workshop.


7. Warranty Period: 12 months. Damaged accessories will be freely provided in case any quality problem

    not caused by manual destroy.


8. In case you need a diesel generator for prime power or standby power, we suggest:

  - Diesel generator is in Min. 9 KW.

- Upon request we will make offer for diesel generator and to ship it together with the cold room. 

Components and tecnical information

Name of Components


Model & Specification


Brand name





Scroll type full hermetic compressor unit, 5HP


USA “Copeland” 

1 unit

Air cooler     

 DD-50, low temperature air cooler           

China “XINLING”    

1 unit

Cold Room Panel


Double side color bond painted steel with Polyurethane Panels inside, thickness 100mm






Cold room door


Color bond steel made hinged door with safety handle, door size 900*1800mm.             



1 pc

Expansion Valve                  

5# Valve core


France “Danfoss"


1 pc

Solenoid Valve

Dia.8mm Refrigeration valves


France Saginomiya


1 pc

Dry Filter      

Dia.8mm copper made


France “Danfoss”


1 pc

Pressure Gauge


High/Low Pressure Gauge 10MP/25MP


France “Danfoss”


2 pcs

Pressure Controller


High/Low Pressure Controller


France “Danfoss”


1 pc


R22 (in extra cost, normally settled in machine set up location by the user)

USA Dupont


Requirement: 2.8KG

Temperature controller            

Auto micro-computer temperature controller



1 pc

Electrical box


Computer control electrical box



1 pc

Cold room light              

Moisture proof light, Energy saving lamp, 30W


1 pc

Piping system   

99.9% Copper made piping system including Elbow, Tees & U-bend          



1 butch

Electric wire  


Copper core electric wire 

Control circuit: Dia.1.0mm

Main power line: Dia.6.0mm




1 set


Installation accessories:

Thermal insulation cotton, heat reserving belt, PVC line tube, PVC defrost parts, screw, bracket etc.




1 butch



Foam glue, Gasket, Glass glue, Rivets Steel, small hardware etc.



1 butch

Mode of power


3-lines single phase,220V/50HZ,9000VA




Cold room inner side with air cooler
Copeland air cooling Compressor condensing unit

Cold room inner side with air cooler

Copeland air cooling Compressor condensing unit

100mm thickness cold room panels
100mm thickness cold room panels

Same model size 2000*1400*2000mm = 7.100 US$ EXW

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