Ice flakes machines from 0.5 to 60 tonnes per 24 hours

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Ice flakes machines from 0.5 to 60 tonnes per 24 hours

Ice flakes machineIce flake machine set un on the ice storage room
Ice flake machine + Ice flake machine with ice storage room

Our automatic ice flakes machines adpot the latest vertical evaporator with inner helix ice cutter. In the process of ice making the water distribution device in ice maker sprays water even on the internal surface of ice maker to frozen in a short time. After the ice is formed the helix ice cutter drops down and cut ice. With this method it makes a full use of evaporattor and increase the efficiency of ice making.

Our machines are compact and offer a low operation cost and they don't need a worker for ice harvest.

Ice flakes features
Low temperature which can reach 8 Celcius degrees below zero
Dry tranparent ice with good looking shape, non-caked, good mobility and sanitary level
The ice flakes shape offers a large contact area with refrigerating products
The ice flakes have no sharp edges and cannot damage the products during storage or transportation
The thikness odf the ice flakes is 1-2mm. No deed to crush it.

Ice flakes machines range from one to sixty tons per 24 hours

Ice flakes machines range from 1 to 60 tons per 24 hours

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We manufacture also edible pure ice machines to produce edible transparent irregular shapes ice pieces 25-30mm thickness.