Ice cubes machines

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Ice tube machines from 1 to 20 tonnes per 24 hours

Ice tube machine 5 tons per day

The ice tube machine produces cylinder edible ice. Many stainless steel tubes pieces compose the evaporator, refrigerant flowing between different stainless tubes, water flowing inside the stainless steel, its forms helical flow under function of water separator, water forms ice during it flows inside the stainless steel tubes. PLC system controls the whole ice processing. The machine gets digital control, mechanical control and time relay triple protection which check the ice forming speed and prevent stainless steel cracking. When the the ice is formed under the 3 above controls the ice making system supplies heat to the evaporator and the ice falls down automatically and is cut off by the ice cutter in pieces of 3 to 5 cm called tube ice.

The machine has been designed to save space, for high efficiency heat exchange and energy saving.

The ice tube machines get compact structure, are easy to operate and need low maintenance. The metal in contact with water is SUS 304. Impurities and metal ions that affect transparent looking are discharged from the water circulating bin during the end of the ice-making cycle. The ice maker special alloy material with special heat treatment offering to the machines the higher thermal efficiency.

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We manufacture also edible pure ice machines to produce edible transparent irregular shapes ice pieces 25-30mm thickness.