China PET bottle blowing machines

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China raw latex balls processing line to produce export rubber blocks

We offer for export the China fine most compact machine line for rubber block making from raw latex balls. The production capacity is about 500kg per hour.

These machines are running  already in Thailand, Vietnam, Ivory Coast, Malaysia, Laos, Kenya, Liberia,...

The China EXW price is under $130,000.00 in 2013.

Rubber block for export
Rubber block for export

Raw latex balls processing machine plant to produce export rubber blocks

Machine No. Picture Name PowerKW QTY
1 cleaning machine cleaning machine 30 1
2 creper machine Creper machine 11 1
3 creper machine Creper machine 7,5 3
4 feeding belt conveyor Feeding belt conveyor 0,75 1
5 hammer mill machine Hammer mill machine 27,5 1
6 circulation pump Circulation pump 5,5 1
7 hydraulic packing machine Hydraulic packing machine 11 1
8 drying line Drying line   1
9 electric cabinet electric cabinet   2

Feel free to consult us for more information, for a highest production line or an export quotation.